Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heathrow Haven

Hey everyone
Its Matt. The time in England is about 9 am on Wednesday the 12th. Other than the delay of the flight from 4 to 9 everything else went smooth as molasses. We got here at 5 pm yesterday and after an underground ride of about an hour we arrived in Camden. Nimas sister Eve along with Piers aka Spumante met us at the airport and shofered us home. We were wined and dined at Indian Ocean, then it was off to the pub. I got smashed old english style, theres nothing like Guenniss this close to its homeland, played pool, lost at pool, stumbled home about 12. It was great to see Piers again and have some laughs. So far theres been no jet lag which is super sweet, and now were gona go get some breakfast. Hope all is good there, cause all is good here. Much love and remember if it looks like a duck and barks like a dog, no one knows what the hell it is.


  1. Hey son, it's old dad, sounds like you and Nima are having a grand time in jolly Old England. I'm glad things are going smooth for you. I went to 3 or four jobs in S.J. today and on my way to the first job i saw an injured pijion (bird) in the road so i picked him up and chip gave me a box and I took him to the bird lady, sure glad she is there! everything is good here son, we are looking forward to our skype session tommorrow @ noon. give Nima my love and We'll see you tommorrow if it works out, alrighty then, cherio old bean, love you both, old dad :)

  2. Hey buddy, guess who? This is very kool!! So glad that you and Nima had a good flight and a fun night (wow, I should be a poet!!). Sounds like everything is going smooth as a babies butt. Sorry I missed your call yesterday, but I'm really looking forward to Skyping tomorrow. I love the shots you guys got and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the trip. You guys take good care of each other and have a great time. I love & miss you both very much. Bree & I will shoot you a kite this weekend. Everything's good here bubba. Love, Unca Jeff