Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flat Liners and Penis Monsters

Hey there guys.
Nima here in London; it's spring, the sun is out and the flowers are blooming.
Matt and I have been triping around. Went to the British Museum today and managed to tackle the first and second floor. We saw the Rosetta Stone, the ancient Egyptian tombs, the history of clocks, and of course the penis monster (Matt's favorite) and much much more.
We spent the weekend with Eve and Krishna mostly, went to a few Pubs where we had those shooters shown on the side there: Sambucca on the bottom, Tabasco, and finally white tequilla. Surprisingly delicious... i would recommend it to anyone looking for a mouthgazim and good night. We also hit up a dance club called the Proud, fun fun fun... unfortunately we don't have any picture of Matt shaking his bum on the strip poll tho.
Our Flat's great, Krishna's awsome and i'll try and keep you up dated vary soon.
Love Ya

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  1. please change this pic !! especially as it says penis right nest to my face! ;p