Saturday, May 29, 2010

Learnin how to Squat

Yo yo all my lovley peeps in the hizzy,
The man with the main main, comoin at you live from England.  On the subject of the car,  we are patiently awaiting Nimas provisional licence, so we can then get car insurance;  man its no wonder we didn't own cars in the states, there like work.  But soon we will be off and driving.  Since our last update we have seen the Victorian Albert Museum, which is this Museum, where we saw such rich intellectual things like statues and paintings, we sipped tea and spoke of politics.  A few days ago we ventured to Cambridge where Nima went to the doctor and is going to get most of her vaccinations for free, which is super sweet.  There we spent the day in the stunning Botanical Gardens, where we sipped tea and spoke of politics; I'm becoming quite cultured.  We saw carnivorous plants, coffee bushes, beech trees, vanilla plants, you name it.  We had killer veggie food in the Rainbow Cafe, I had veggie chili (bombish) but not as good as Adams.  This brings us to last night when we had our first squatting lesson.  It totally was not what your thinking, see there's these laws here protecting peoples rights to live in unoccupied housing, which may sound like crap to certain right wing Americans, but being the leftist hippy anarchists that we are, and the fact that homeless people would freeze to death over here, its a pretty cool deal.  Everything they ate was free, swiped from dumpsters, the wine they made themselves from thrown out fruit, it was quite an experience.  We spent the night smoking hash and talking of politics.  Today we made the pilgrimage to Abbey Road in honor of our good friend Mike.  Of course I had to get another picture taken there, making my local girlfriend look like a tourist, which made it all worth while.   So all is good on this side of the planet, and until next time, don't stand on jellyfish.

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  1. Hey u 2, It seems like matt and i were on that same crosswalk just a short time ago, they sure keep it looking nice. Good to see you having fun! keep it up, love you guys! Old Dad :)