Monday, May 24, 2010

Concrete Jungle

Hello all 4 of you :)
So London been EXTREMELY hot!! 80+, i don't know really... all the limeys use centigrade so? But it's so hot i have heat rash on my feet, and all the parks are full of practically nude people sun bathing on the lawn. It's the Thames valley so you get no breeze, no cool water, and a huge concrete city to cook you alive.  The Funny thing is last time I was in England there was a massive heat wave as well, both then and now there's people are passing out on the buses and on the underground. There's warnings running all day to advise you to carry a bottle of water and sit if you feel faint. The undergrounds the worst cause there's no air conditioning and it's 5+ degrees hotter down there. You'd think as Californians we'd be handling it fine, but not all.
Looking at the bright side of the week the 'Lord bought me a Mercedes Benz!' Well... tecnically that would make the lord a family friend,  Jason. How bazare really, this isn't the first time in my life that i have been 'given' a car; it is however the first time i accepted one. Who else can say that? So today we spend a good portian of the day dealing with the beurocracy of the DVLA (driving permit app.) Frist i had to write with black ink then with all capitals... I think i rewrote that form 4 times; BUT it's in now and in two weeks or so we'll be traveling in style.
Matt got to meet my lovely grand parents this week end. We went and had lunch with them in Holland park, it was really nice.We're trying to make plans to take them to Cornwall with us.
More distant news would be that our apartment (Tara's really) is 4 story's up and now we have people outside the windows, it's really amusing. They fitted the whole house with scaffolding, the word is their going to be painting the window frames and possibly replacing the windows.
Last and probably least entertaining to us was the London Bridge, though we'll throw a picture on the side for you so you can see it too. I must admit it was cool when the bridge split into to let a boat through.
Any whooo
Hope you enjoyed my rather scattered thought process there.

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  1. penis monster?! I think that would have been my favorite toooo!!!!!

    no homo...not that there's anything wrong with that... bahahahahahaha