Saturday, May 29, 2010

Learnin how to Squat

Yo yo all my lovley peeps in the hizzy,
The man with the main main, comoin at you live from England.  On the subject of the car,  we are patiently awaiting Nimas provisional licence, so we can then get car insurance;  man its no wonder we didn't own cars in the states, there like work.  But soon we will be off and driving.  Since our last update we have seen the Victorian Albert Museum, which is this Museum, where we saw such rich intellectual things like statues and paintings, we sipped tea and spoke of politics.  A few days ago we ventured to Cambridge where Nima went to the doctor and is going to get most of her vaccinations for free, which is super sweet.  There we spent the day in the stunning Botanical Gardens, where we sipped tea and spoke of politics; I'm becoming quite cultured.  We saw carnivorous plants, coffee bushes, beech trees, vanilla plants, you name it.  We had killer veggie food in the Rainbow Cafe, I had veggie chili (bombish) but not as good as Adams.  This brings us to last night when we had our first squatting lesson.  It totally was not what your thinking, see there's these laws here protecting peoples rights to live in unoccupied housing, which may sound like crap to certain right wing Americans, but being the leftist hippy anarchists that we are, and the fact that homeless people would freeze to death over here, its a pretty cool deal.  Everything they ate was free, swiped from dumpsters, the wine they made themselves from thrown out fruit, it was quite an experience.  We spent the night smoking hash and talking of politics.  Today we made the pilgrimage to Abbey Road in honor of our good friend Mike.  Of course I had to get another picture taken there, making my local girlfriend look like a tourist, which made it all worth while.   So all is good on this side of the planet, and until next time, don't stand on jellyfish.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Concrete Jungle

Hello all 4 of you :)
So London been EXTREMELY hot!! 80+, i don't know really... all the limeys use centigrade so? But it's so hot i have heat rash on my feet, and all the parks are full of practically nude people sun bathing on the lawn. It's the Thames valley so you get no breeze, no cool water, and a huge concrete city to cook you alive.  The Funny thing is last time I was in England there was a massive heat wave as well, both then and now there's people are passing out on the buses and on the underground. There's warnings running all day to advise you to carry a bottle of water and sit if you feel faint. The undergrounds the worst cause there's no air conditioning and it's 5+ degrees hotter down there. You'd think as Californians we'd be handling it fine, but not all.
Looking at the bright side of the week the 'Lord bought me a Mercedes Benz!' Well... tecnically that would make the lord a family friend,  Jason. How bazare really, this isn't the first time in my life that i have been 'given' a car; it is however the first time i accepted one. Who else can say that? So today we spend a good portian of the day dealing with the beurocracy of the DVLA (driving permit app.) Frist i had to write with black ink then with all capitals... I think i rewrote that form 4 times; BUT it's in now and in two weeks or so we'll be traveling in style.
Matt got to meet my lovely grand parents this week end. We went and had lunch with them in Holland park, it was really nice.We're trying to make plans to take them to Cornwall with us.
More distant news would be that our apartment (Tara's really) is 4 story's up and now we have people outside the windows, it's really amusing. They fitted the whole house with scaffolding, the word is their going to be painting the window frames and possibly replacing the windows.
Last and probably least entertaining to us was the London Bridge, though we'll throw a picture on the side for you so you can see it too. I must admit it was cool when the bridge split into to let a boat through.
Any whooo
Hope you enjoyed my rather scattered thought process there.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flat Liners and Penis Monsters

Hey there guys.
Nima here in London; it's spring, the sun is out and the flowers are blooming.
Matt and I have been triping around. Went to the British Museum today and managed to tackle the first and second floor. We saw the Rosetta Stone, the ancient Egyptian tombs, the history of clocks, and of course the penis monster (Matt's favorite) and much much more.
We spent the weekend with Eve and Krishna mostly, went to a few Pubs where we had those shooters shown on the side there: Sambucca on the bottom, Tabasco, and finally white tequilla. Surprisingly delicious... i would recommend it to anyone looking for a mouthgazim and good night. We also hit up a dance club called the Proud, fun fun fun... unfortunately we don't have any picture of Matt shaking his bum on the strip poll tho.
Our Flat's great, Krishna's awsome and i'll try and keep you up dated vary soon.
Love Ya

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heathrow Haven

Hey everyone
Its Matt. The time in England is about 9 am on Wednesday the 12th. Other than the delay of the flight from 4 to 9 everything else went smooth as molasses. We got here at 5 pm yesterday and after an underground ride of about an hour we arrived in Camden. Nimas sister Eve along with Piers aka Spumante met us at the airport and shofered us home. We were wined and dined at Indian Ocean, then it was off to the pub. I got smashed old english style, theres nothing like Guenniss this close to its homeland, played pool, lost at pool, stumbled home about 12. It was great to see Piers again and have some laughs. So far theres been no jet lag which is super sweet, and now were gona go get some breakfast. Hope all is good there, cause all is good here. Much love and remember if it looks like a duck and barks like a dog, no one knows what the hell it is.