Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nima Here!

Hey ya'll.

Coming at ya right now from sunny Santa Cruz California.

Nima here, i'll tell you a tad about myself. I grew up in California and have dreamed of going around the world since i was a wee lass. My Mom and Dad (who i love dearly) are aliens :) in the sence that they came from the land of the Eng. I have spend my life flying back and fourth from CA to UK and so i personally think i am well adjusted to change. I live in Santa Cruz which is a little surf city near San Francisco. Santa Cruz if is my home and i think always will be, the thought of leaving even for the most amazing expirience of my life sends chills running up and down my spine. One day i hope to have a peice of property where i can first and formost BUILD MY HOUSE, grow my food, brew a little moonshine, have a cow, hourse, chickens, dog, a pluthara of parots and of course lots of human chillies running around. Matt and I have dreams of having a hostle or commune where we can help humanity and build a community.

I found Matt more than 3 years ago strumming away on his guitar by the sea. You could say his songs spoke to me and so I joined him at his fire and we spent the night singing to the stars. It was over 1/2 a year before you could say we were more than accaintances but our paths soon merged and now i would have to say that i love that boy

We're 1 month away from London and begining our world travels. From there we'll see where the wind blows us but the plan is to see some of Europe and then then on the Africa, India, Thai Land, Bali, Japan, the Polonesian Islands which will bring us to New Zeland and Austrialia, hitting South America Last and then Homeward bound.
That ofcourse is a vary vague idea of a trip but directionaly it sound be sound.

Anywhoo thanks for reading
And please follow us if you fancy.

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