Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Barn in Cornwall

Hey everyone, Matt here.  Nima and I have just spent the last week in Cornwall with her super rad family.  We had a relaxing time in there converted barn from the 1600's.  We slept on a huge air mattress and it was great after all the traveling around.  Cornwall is home to the legendary birthplace of King Arthur, and Merlin's cave.  We got a chance to visit this castle which was quite scenic.  On the more modern side of things, I was taught a sword fighting lesson on the Nintendo wii, now I know what it means to be old.  Nima's 9 year old cousin Salomon really kicked my butt at sword fighting as well as one of my old favorites, Mario Kart.  I was so ashamed.  Nima's cousin Reuben is the aspiring director of the family, so together we all wrote a script, and Reuben was off directing the our future cult classic.  The name I can't write here for copyright reasons, but (movie voice guy + theme music from the Exorcist) Donny was just a love struck college guy from the states, blindly following his innocent seeming girlfriend Jen, to meet her unexpectedly odd family in England.  Little does he know the family has a dark past, and more 'skeletons' in there closet than anyone would like to admit.  Will Donny find out the truth in time, or will he become just another mound in the Proctor family garden.  Critically acclaimed director of the Bird Watch Project, Reuben, brings you this terrifying thriller...  This was a blast to make, it really brought me back to my experiences in Hollywood, keep your eye out for this kid.  Gwendoline, Roger, Hermione and I stayed up to the wee hours of the morning discussing science fiction, funny cats on you tube, and William Shatners interesting music career.  We had a great time and ate Hermione's excellent veggie cuisine.  Thanks so much you guys, and Salomon is 10 at this point so Happy B-day, have fun buddy.  


  1. Quite the movie set! I'm looking forward to seeing the movie, what a beautiful spot, see ya at the next stop. love, old dad

  2. I forgot to tell you to say to Hermione and the family for me, love again, old dad


    yo matt, someting for you to look forward to