Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick Update

Hey all its Matt, I see your numbers are growing, soon you will start to multiply like zombies.  Wow the past two weeks have really flown by, or was it three weeks, I can't keep up.  So we were in Swansea with Eve, last I remember, then Nima and I went our separate ways.  My biggest cousin, Robbie, just so happened to come to Northern Ireland on a business trim, he got ahold of me so I booked a quick flight over to Belfast.  I regret not getting any pictures of this trip, but Rob sure did, plus I think most of you can imagine what the inside of a bar looks like.  But seriously, I'll get some pictures from Rob and post them.  It was a great catching up session with my big cuz on the train to Dublin, where the two of us and a work colleague, Enrique, proceeded to paint the town red, white, and blue; which was an interesting contrast to the ever present green.  Once the sun came up Rob and I decided to head in.  Our room was a conference room that they put beds into for us, all the other rooms in Dublin were taken.  The next day, after missing our train back, we took a tour of the Guinness factory.  They gave us more beer, to our dismay, which we chocked down.  Man it was a great few days.  Nima and Eve headed across England by car to go camping with Eves school friends.  Its sounds as though they had a pretty good time themselves, aside from the rain.  They also went to a traditional English barn dance, which sounds like a Contra dance, for all the Hippies out there that know what that is.  Nims picked up Noga at there old school, Summerhill, and came back to Nogas house.  The next day we reunited at the buss stop, and after two short days with Nogas wonderful family we were of to Croatia.  Sorry its been so long, but don't loose faith in us, like I said its been a crazy however many weeks.  I'll leave you with a great quote from a recent book I read, "Organize before they Rise."  Much love.   

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