Monday, May 9, 2011

One Year Later

  Hello everyone, and thanks for logging onto our one year anniversary Special.  Yep one year ago today we set out from sunny San Francisco to adventure across the world and I though it would be nice to reflect on some of the highlights of the trip.
  Our first stop on the world tour was jolly old England, where we had a great time exploring Swansea for one and I got to meet Nimas extended family and friends.  We were there getting our ducks in order, and Nima getting all fixed up with their health care system, for around three months, but got to escape to Croatia.  Here we got to see the best waterfalls of all time, in the Plitvitca National Park.  This was for sure one of the major highlights.  Another great time was the little Island off the cost of Zardar where we climbed a rickety old tower, after a couple of brews of course.  After our return, I went to visit my cousin Robby, where we attempted to drink all the beer in Ireland, to no avail. 
  Next it was time for our Euro trip.  Nima, Noga, and I drove to Ireland where we spent an exciting two weeks with Bri and her friend Lilly.  We camped on the beach, sang songs around the fire, ate fish and chips in Dingle bay, and confronted a fear deep in my soul when we explored the haunted Hostel.  After that back through England to France, where we met Jake, drank vino, ate croissants, and dodged a condom bomb from the buildings above.  It was a whorl wind ride to Barcelona,Spain to meet my dad.  We explored the city till we made our way down to Bunol, and the Tomitlla Festival, where Nima almost was squished to death on her 22nd B Day.  Dad flew us to Rome, where who can forget, the Colosseum, as well as all the killer food.
  Then it was back to Barcelona where we hung with Mia for a couple of days.  Next it was back through France to 'Le Arch de la Borie Nobel', a commune with no electricity.  We spent a great two weeks there, working along side the land, we met new friends and got a second wind to continue.  October Fest!!!  A few communes later we found ourselves in Germany, in a rockin little community and one of the best rave/hoe down/shindig I have ever attended.  We checked out the Check Republic on the way, and Stalag Luft III after.  We cruised to Berlin, began couch surfing, and saw the Berlin wall, along with other historic places.  We passed some friends in Hildeshime on our way to the Netherlands.  We stayed in Utrect, and ventured to Amsterdam on a few occasions where I didn't smoke any pot.  At this point we looked and smelled homeless, and this was due to the fact that we had been sleeping in the car or on communes for three months, some nice people actually nocked on our window and gave us food.  It was through Belgium and back to England. 
  After a few short weeks, we bid our car and the western world good bye and made our way to Turkey.  Two of the best things in Turkey were our awesome couch surfing hosts and the little Pirate town of Olympos, where we saw the eternal flames of the Cimera Monster.  India here we come.  We kept it secret, but now I guess its safe to tell the world that our first week in India we got caught up in some kind of international diamond smuggling scam, where we spent the week in fear, trying to escape some con artists.  Hence why we ended up in the safety of the English Embassy.  Wild.  Also who could forget the classics like '32 hour train ride', 'where's the western toilet', and my personal favorite,'Now you pay me for holy lak.'  India, I know I put you through the ringer sometimes, but I got to thank you for preparing me for anything.
  South East Asia time.  We went north from Bangkok, while Nima recovered from Giardia and Bronchitis, and chilled out at a paradise called Pie.  River, sun, beer and guitar.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Lao bound, where we had such a great time zipping through the forrest, then we had a great time floating down a river, drinking buckets and smokin, as we went off 30 foot rope swings.  Down to an epic cave river journey on our way to Nam.  In Nam we learned alot about the war, saw some things to blow our minds and saw the people who have really grown into an amazing nation.  Cambodia was no stranger to death and destruction, but the people are kind and gentle.  Walking around their Angkor Watt at dawn was stellar.
Souther Thailand to the the Islands, where we had the buss and boat rides from hell, to get to our first Island paradise.  Then their was rain, and more rain, then a break for the best snorkeling ever, then just rain till we took off.  Indonesia and the Island of Bali were great.  My dad came for the second time to see us, and Lena and Mark came as well.  The Monkey temple and the waterfall where we drank poo coffee really stand out in my mind.  Then after dad went home, it was off to the Gilis, and we got to chill to our hearts content.
  Nima and I had to go our separate ways, but I assure you she is doing quite well and she is continuing to inform me how awesome our home is, which we both new all along.  A quick update on my end.  Im in a city in Australia and haven't yet adjusted to being able to take pictures without Nima, but I will soon.  I couch surfed with a killer guy, not to be confused with a guy killer, and we went to a wear house party with a bunch of squatters, then the next night, I was invited to a rock concert in Melbourne, which was also awesome.  For the past week I have been in this dump of a place, but the rent was cheap, and I love it.  My roommates smell like April 20th and there is always incense burning, we go to the pub, play pool, and jam in the room.  I am really livin the dream.  Caught up with a Boy Scout friend the other day, and at the end of the night I stumbled onto the Tram, back to my hole.  Next I will write you from a farm, and I will have pictures.  One year, 19 countries, countless stories, and more to come.  Well thanks for tuning in folks, and remember, traveling is great, but Cali is the best place on earth.  That being said, I'll continue to look every once and a while anyways.  Oh yea, don't believe in drop bears. 
Matteous out.

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  1. Congrats Bub! wow one year! I'm glad I am able to share a bit of your adventure, and more to come in New Zeland, Can't wait! keep on Blogin, love it! Be safe Bub, love ya!!! Old Dad:)