Friday, April 29, 2011

353 Days to Paradise

  Wow, here it is...  Paradise.  We found it amongst the islands of Indonesia; beaches that stretch to infinity, great surf forever, cheap wine, and an ocean the likes of which you only see in post cards.  Its true, this place does exist, Nima and I as well as Lena and Mark spent about a week there.  The Islands we visited were Gili Trawagan and Gili Meno.  When I say Islands that go on forever its really because we are on an Island where one of the first days we rented bikes and road all the way around it, and there wasn't an unscenic spot.  We had snorkel gear with us and where ever we saw fit we jumped in and took a look at what the sea had to offer, it never let us down.  We attended an awesome full moon party where we drank with the locals and danced till we were to drunk to, who ever says danced till they dropped were just colorfully editing the facts.  Whilst Nima and I caught up on chillin, Mark and Lena took diving lessons, and had a great time; saw seven foot veggie sharks, giant sea turtles, you name it.  There aquatic adventures got us a free ride to the next island.
  Population 350, Gili Meno is really a travelers dream come true.  The place is empty.  While looking for a place to stay I had a bathroom emergency, I am good at these by now so I already had a map of where to go in my head.  The winner was a little shack on a sandy road by the coast, where it looked like there only stock were a couple of packs of Marlboros, and a bear or two.  They let me use the facilities and I in turn bough a beer. The reason I told you this tale of triumph is only because we happened to stay near this diamond in the ruff, and happened to dine there for one of the best dinners on our trip.  Amazing white snapper while we lounged on a pillow laden hut, gazing on the surf.  On this island we used horse drawn carriages to get around, and they took us to our ocean side hut.  Anywhere you snorkeled was like sticking your head in some rich guys aquarium, without the whole awkward  meeting and asking if you can do it.  There is land for sale on this pearl, and if you can part with 30,000, you might be able to land yourself 6 acres beachside.  We spent our days here sifting through shells on the beach, chillin with Nemo, and oh the best part, sippin the local vino.  For three bucks you can score yourself a refilled 1500 ml water bottle of Palm wine, or for six you got the same amount of rice wine.  The palm smells like a fart, but other than that its all good, I am actually partaking in some now.  The rice wine is like some of the best saki ever, either way you win.  Leaving this place was like removing a nasty hang nail, you really don't want to, but you know that if you don't you'll end up in some Indonesian prison somewhere, you know how it is.
  Anyway we had to get back to Bali for our fights out.  We bid our farewells to our traveling companions and bailed to Sanour.  Nima and I spent three excellent air conditioned days awaiting her flight home and my flight to the land of Oz.  They flew by, to say the least, and now you as the readers are stuck with me.  We had such a great time on our travels together.  353 days traveling this world to the best of our abilities and now its time for Nima to get home.  I love ya babe, great time.  The world is your oyster, so make sure its a big one with a pearl.

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  1. Great Blog Son, maybe we should save 30,000:) That is awsome that you and Nima had a 353 day adventure around the world, few of us get to experience that, congrats on that accomplishment. I had dinner with Nima and her Dad last night, she is home safe and sound. I'll be meetin up with you again soon so until then have fun and be safe on your adventure!! Love ya!! Old Dad:)