Monday, August 23, 2010


 Hello everyone,
Matt here writing you from a villa in the south of france where the wine flows like, well pretty much the same as everywhere, only you seem to drink it more, oh ya and you talk about how its soooo much better.  But more about france on the next exciting eppicode of Big Sky, the Nima and Matt cronicles. 
  So, our story begins in a crouded mercades station waggon headed west out of london where our Heroes are accomponied by one Noga Cohen, an interesting and self confident young Jewish girl, with an appitite for older men. ( ha HA!)  As the faithful steed barrels for the cost, we begin to prepare for the four hour voyage to the Emrald Isle; forty shades of green and all that.  You know when you've had a little too much to drink and you try to fall asleep, but your head just spins, its never happened to me, but Nima and Noga say the ferry felt just like that.  So 5 hours to the ferry, 4 hours on the Irish sea, and another 2 and a  half hours from Rosslare to Cork later, we arrived to Shelias Hostel, where the sheets were not as clean as I remember.  Nima and I were sick from Immunizations and the beds were made for 5 year olds, but we made it in time to rescue Bri and Lilly from equally an horific travel experience.  Once they made it things started to look up.
  After an attempted mexican meal and a good nights sleep, well better anyways, we ventured to Blarney castel.  We kissed the stone,  checked out the town, and explored the dungon, which was a first for me.  That night we made bangers and mash, which is Irish for sassage and potatos, in the hostel and the next day it was off to Killarney.  The hostel there was quite an Improvement to the relief of us all,  and in Killarney we were guided by locals, Nogas budies, Liam and Aaron.  They showed us to a sceneic lake on the edge of a national park, then took us to the 'best chinese food in all of Killarney,'  and if you lay the accent on thick enough you'll sound just like the girl who said that to us.  Aaron and Liam responded in true local fassion,  "Thanks, were from here"  to which she danced a little jig and scurried away with her Shilalie in hand.
  The next day we went to the guys house, where I eventually had to pry Bri and Lilly away from with a crow bar, if it wern't for that crow bar there would be two families in america minus there daughters.  But seriuosly this house was hippy paradise.  A garden, Liams surf murrals strune about the house and sunsets painted on the walls, a music room with drums of all types, guitars, keyboards, there waas a plethera of circus stough, and bouncey stilts.  The stilts may be the heighlight of my trip thus far, I want some.  All together with a few new comrades Cathy and Abby we rhode tripped it to the shores of Dingelbay for a camping trip.  Tim, Cathy and Abbey were a surfing family.  They had a quiver of boards, a teepee tent, and another guitar.  The weather was great, the scenery was beautiful, and none of us wanted to leave. 
  Durring the trip, Nima and I took Bri and Lills to the town of Dingel, where we tripped arround and had awsome fish and chips.  On the way back we stopped at a Highland Lake and took some pictures.  Bri never whears shoes by the way, like even when your hiking up highland rocky mountains in Ireland never, and thats a big never, what a little hippy; I couldn't be more proud.
  We left our new friends on the beach and headed to Tralee to chase some demons out of my past.  I'm refering to my night alone in a Neogothic Mansion.  Adams mom Diana freaked me out recently and told me I had to go back and face my nightmare, and far be it from me to go aganist a Mexican mothers advice about ghosts.  Uppon my return I found it was haunted, by a nun, nun the less; badabing!
The guy at the front desk told us the whole story, and I freakin stayed there BY MY SELF.  But I digress, I have been perged.
  Now our party of five was headed back,  but weather it be the jet lag, the fact that Nima and I had been sick, or the camping on hard ground for two days, a bug got to Breezi and she was not feelin too well.  For the next day or so we took it easy, in preparation for Bri and Lillys 36 hour jont back across the pond.  In the national park in Killarney we checked out Ross Castel, then back to Cork.  It was tough leavin the young ladies at the gate knowing about there 10 hour ley over in London and their 8 hour ley over in Chicago, but we knew that it was just a matter of time now.  We said our goodbyes and headed east.
  The trip back was long, but the first night in the car with three of us was surrprisingly alright, in the ferry parking lot.  We had a great trip and we found out from Bri that they made it back safe and sound.  Another memory in the bag.  For those of you that don't know, you can check out all our pictures at  So all is well all in all and stay tuned for tales from France and we'll let you know how snails taste.  Love you all and remember, never put off till tomorrow what tomorrow puts off on you.

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  1. Ahhhh! I can't believe you went back to the haunting. I'll let my mom know how you braved valiantly into your deepest fears. Can't wait to visit....