Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanks Giving

For this Thanks Giving I think it will be best to make this a cooking blog post.  We have been eating Mexican food, and that just so happens to be what we are making this year.

Today we are making world famous Sinclair/O'Bannon Mexican Gringo Quasi en.  You will need:

4 medium sized onions
6 small tomatoes
1 can minced tomatoes
1 cup of rice
1 stock cube (Veggie or Chicken)
1 bag of beans
1bunch of cilantro
1 lime
4 avocados
1 garlic
3 peppers
flower tortillas
salted corn chips
1 six pack coronas
1 extra lime

First you must soak the beans over night.  The anticipation will make your mouth water, plus it will be good for the beans some how.  A good friend once told me (he was Mexican, so take this to heart) it would be a good idea to put baking soda in the beans, this will help with the gas; at the time I thought this was some kind of Mexican voodoo,but after practice it seems that this is right.

About six hours before serving time, cut 1 onion in half, put it in a pot with twice as much water as the 1 pack of well as the three peppers and about 6 cloves of garlic.  Let it slow cook till dinner time.

Now with a couple of hours to go, and don't get all brain surgeon on me, we're not making a bomb, lets make the rice.  Fry another onion, chopped randomly, with another couple cloves of garlic in the uncooked rice.  Let the onion and garlic get fried first of course, then add the rice.  After you feel; its all about feeling, you know like the force in Star Wars; its fried long enough add the 1 can minced tomatoes, heat up water with the stock cube, add 1/3rd of the bunch of cilantro, and one cup water to the pot of rice.  Let cook till rice is aldante- this is an Italian word which means to the teeth, I'm sure you can figure out what it means.

So there you've got the rice and beans.  Now the Salsa.  Hopefully on the side of this post there is an example of how to chop the onions, this is how you should chop everything, unless of course you have a food processor, in which case use that.  Take 2 onions finely chopped, mixed in a bowl with 4 to 6 small tomatoes, the rest of the bunch of cilantro, half a lime and a few jalapenos for fun, all chopped salsa grade. There ya go.

Smash the 4 avocados, add the other half of the lime, and a healthy couple of spoon fulls of salsa, and theirs the guac.

Drink coronas when applicable.

Before I forget, add salt to all these items to your own taste.  Heat the tortillas in the oven, and be sure to grate some cheese and put the salted corn tortilla chips in a bowl.

I really hope you all had a great thanks giving, I know i did.  Hey and always remember, keep an extra pair of socks in your glove box because you never know when the one you have on is going to get wet.


  1. Nice salsa Man! reminds me of the minute salsa battles at seabright.

  2. Yo bub, good tip on the beans and the baking soda, who was that masked man I wanted to thank him. Another good tip on warming the tortillas in the oven, health wise, sure beats my way of frying them in oil. It was fun seeing you guys on Skype, made Thanksgiving even better, Love u2...Old Dad:)