Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prague: where the beer is dangerously cheap.

Matt and I drove in to Prague once again making the mistake of doing so late night... though after Paris nothing has been too much of a challenge. I have to say we're not very good at planing! We arrived (once again) no where to stay, no knowledge of the language, and no currency. Smart huh? But it all worked out in the end, after a few hours trekking around in the icy Czech cold hunting for a bed. The first few people we asked for a hostile (or a hotel, we weren't being picky) simply said no. Just before we turned back to the car and hit the road again we got a lucky streak and the answers went from 'no,' to 'maybe that way,' to 'yes that way,' to '300 meters on the right.' When we arrived on the stairs of the sought after Czech Inn we were so shocked at our luck. Though out our stay in Prague we saw lots of slummy hole in the wall hostile and the Czech Inn is the nicest, cleanest hostile either of us had ever stayed in anywhere.

We spent our days there strolling amongst the gothic castles and gory statues of clubbing, and beheadings. Strange place, very sinister, full of torture museums and things of that sort.
We spent our nights drinking dangerously cheep beer, i had to have a constant eye on Matt's alcohol intake... though in the end it didn't help. We both ended up incapable of making it 'home' and spending a huge amount on a taxi driver that wanted to rip us off for all we were worth (and Californians come off as being worth a lot.)  We spent one of these belligerent nights on a pub crawl with two very cool Australian dudes. We went from a small church that had been transformed into a dance club to a bar with a stripper and ended our night in the Roxy. Which is apparently 'THE' place to be in Prague, nothing too special if you ask me but the music was good and the dancing fun. This is where Matt did his shirtless head-banging performance on stage! Perhaps he can show you all again one day.

Well other than the strolling and boozing we did find something very special...
A BURRITO! The very night Matt posted 'please sent us a hole in the wall burrito' the it was, a god sent. La Barracuda Mexicana! No where near as good as a Cali wrap but it'll hold us over until the next time. Ask and ye shall receive.
            And untill the next time... Frieden und Liebe
              xxx ~Nima


  1. Ah, you found your burrito, absense makes the heart gro fonder. Sounds like fun, the shirtless headbang must have been a trip to witness, (on stage, chip off the old block). Be care full with the cheap beer ok. Love you guys!

    Old Dad:)

  2. Cheap is spelled with an 'EA' my dear. Wishing you the very best <3.
    All my love-